TFT StretchtrakFAB attractively integrates acoustic control into many different areas in a home by hiding acoustical treatments from view. It invisibly controls sound as it reflects off walls and ceilings to lower noise levels to a comfortable level. TFT StrechtrakFAB is a user friendly, do-it-yourself, high tension fabric acoustical wall system.

In this digitized, amplified, surround sound world, traditional building methods fail to provide for acoustical control of sound. The twin problems of reflection and reverberation may require that surfaces. Acoustically treating walls has become as much a necessity for helping one listen to sound as quality speakers and systems are to transmitting sound. Terra Firma presents TFT StretchtrakFAB, high tension fabric mounting system that allows install fabric to walls as both a decorative and acoustical wall finish. TFT StretchtrakFAB departs from the traditional method of wall upholstery which still uses wood lath, staples, gimp and weltin a method which has become expensive and specialized. It removes the barriers of expense and expertise and exchanges them to simplicity at an affordable cost.

The beauty of TFT StretchtrakFAB is its versatility. Acoustically-transparent fabrics in a variety of patterns and colors provide the color, texture, and style desired by the interior designer for walls and ceilings. Special features including photo-imaged fabric and starry skies can add personal touches to the aesthetic design.

Rooms with poor acoustics are often noisy and uncomfortable, making it difficult to listen to lectures, recitals, enjoy presentations, a television program, a musical recording, or a movie soundtrack.   The versatile performance of TFT StretchtrakFAB delivers results ranging from basic echo control for most rooms to frequency-specific control in critical listening rooms.

TFT StretchtrakFAB is a site-built system, crafted to fit within tight tolerances. It allows skilled installers to create crisp details with tight seams and corners within a wide array of wall and ceiling designs.

General Information

  • Stretched Fabric System
  • Site Built
  • Wall to wall / Floor to Ceiling if required
  • Purpose – acoustic absorption
Key Benefits
  • Outstanding acoustic properties
  • Available in two depths – 25 and 50 mm
  • Flexible choice of fabrics
  • Seamlessly incorporate switches and sockets
  • Can be built around curves and/or angled walls
  • Fabrics are removable and replaceable
  • Choice of installer/do it yourself
  • System is reusable
  • No lath or staples
  • Commerical
  • Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Theatres
  • Home Cinemas
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Residential

Acoustic Performance



Extruded Polymer available in 25 mm and 50 mm depths. Available in square, bevel and radius perimeter edge profile.


Choice of melamine fire rated foam, rockwool, glass or polyester fibres


Fabric selected by architect/designer/client but must be approved by TFT for acoustic performance. Please note standard panels are made to a maximum width of 140 cm. Wider fabrics are available upon request up to a maximum width of 170 cm.