NDA – The Panels of Silence

Sound Insulation Boards for Dry Building

Soundproof construction boards combined with technical materials for acoustical and thermal insulation for dry construction. Various combinations and solutions to comply every technical request and application fields. With a quick and easy application, they represent the real solution both in new and existent buildings to build sound proof partition walls as well as ceilings.

Sound Insulation for Masonry Partitions

Soundproofing products with a high value of sound insulation, specifically designed to insulate masonry walls, as a separation partition between apartment units. Various combinations and solutions to comply every technical request and to allow the walling partition between units to comply the acoustical insulation request by the law.

Sound insulation with lead and EPDM

Sound absorbent and sound insulating product combined with very high mass and density materials such as lead and EPDM, in order to obtain high acoustical insulation values. Specifically designed for technical or industrial sound proofing as well as high mass insulation layers in combination of dry construction boards, to build top level soundproof walling and ceiling systems.

Anti-impact noise

Sound proofing products for insulation from impact noise and footfalls noise. Various kind of materials in single or multiple layers combination, to fit all screed and bedding systems, in order to complies the sound insulation levels required by law in buildings.


Technical and professional products for sound absorption. Specifically designed to absorb medium and high frequencies, they allow to reduce the reverberation effects, in order to make very technical interventions in professional environments (sound recording studios, broadcast venues), as well in public and crowded places (such are restaurants, cafes, pubs).


Insulation gaskets, vibration dampers, ventilation holes silencer and adhesives. All the accessories are very important for an effective sound insulation intervention, for walls, ceilings, flooring, external facade and roller-shutter box insulations.