Iso Clips create a high STC (Sound Transmission Classification) rating for your wall or ceiling assembly, and offer an economical method to float your walls or ceilings. These clips are used for vibration control of structure-borne noise, and help build assemblies that will more effectively block airborne as well as impact noise transmission.
Iso Clips are made with a natural blend of neoprene grommet pad and threaded shaft, which is attached to a center bushing made of electroplated zinc mild steel. Furthermore, Iso Clips contribute to LEED® certified buildings as they are made from recycled components, and engineered to allow reduction in assembly weight.


Iso Clips are designed for use with any wood, steel or concrete application where noise control is required, including wood-framed, steel-framed, CMU or concrete wall or ceiling systems.
The assembly of Iso Clip decouples the gypsum board from the underlying structure to provide enhanced acoustical performance.
What’s more, they fasten directly to the framing or structure to prevent sound and vibrations from entering the adjacent space. This improves the STC and IIC ratings of construction assemblies.

Technical details

Size: 76 mm
Projection: 17 mm
Construction: Natural and manufactured rubber molded to isolate ferrule (zinc-electroplated steel) from 16 gauge galvanized or aluminum-zinc coated clip.
Intended use: For use with wall and ceiling construction assemblies to prevent sound and vibration transmission to improve STC and IIC ratings.
Total deflection: 5 mm


Simple – low installation costs
Effective – up to additional 25 dB performance
Reliable – 2-part system Strong – superior load-bearing capacity